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Salinas, California 93901


A distributor & importer/exporter & creator of Beer, Soda, Wine & Spirits.

Short Pour Film Fest


Short Pour Film Fest to play at
 2010 Great American Beer Festival in Denver

The “First Ever” short film festival on the subject of Beer will play at the Great American Beer Festival on September 16th –18th , 2010.

"The Swagger Stagger" by Sayre Piotrkowski

BEER NATION - "Craft Beer Bandit" by Mike Winn & Seth Wright

The short film line-up for the Short Pour Film Fest will contain Live Action & Animation shorts, Music Videos and original commercials by established and emerging talent from around the globe. All entries are on the subject of BEER. 

The Short Pour Film Fest program will also show clips of Beer TV Shows, Beer Shows on the “Web”, Movies about Beer, Beer Documentaries, Beer Weeks’ taking place around the United States and Vintage & Current Beer/Brewery Commercials.

Short Pour will be shown at the Grand Tasting Hall on the Main Stage as part of the 2010 GABF events.

Great American Beer Festival attendees can view this "on the flow", short film event about Beer, free of charge, with your purchased GABF tickets.


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Special Musical performance by Paul Thorn

"It's a Great Day to WhupSomebody's A**Paul Thorn appears courtesy ofPerpetual Obscurity

Paul Thorn appears courtesy of Perpetual Obscurity Records


SHORT POUR FILM FEST Produced by Jeff Moses & MBF Company
Monterey, California